Zander Sherman is the bestselling author of the The Curiosity of School (Penguin Canada, 2012). His long-form journalism has appeared in Vanity Fair, Esquire, The Believer, and many others. In 2017, he consulted for, and appeared in, “Murder in Cottage Country,” a highly rated documentary by CBC’s The Fifth Estate. “Cottage Country Murder”, a co-produced magazine article for The Walrus, is nominated for a National Magazine Award. A former contributor to The Globe & Mail, Sherman has been a frequent commentator in the fields of education and mental health. A television score he composed was a finalist at the Annecy International Animated Film Festival, and Sherman co-writes music under the name Larch. Sherman lives in Muskoka, Canada.

  • Vanity Fair, forthcoming
  • “Cottage Country Murder,” The Walrus, National Magazine Award nomination for investigative reporting (link, PDF)

      • Press: Interview with Hunters Bay Radio (link)

    • Update: Muskoka Mystery: Police Suspected Murder in Case of Missing Senior (link)

      • Press: “New Details revealed in decades old missing Muskoka seniors cold case,” Huntsville Forrester (link)

    • Update: Cottage Country Murder: Family Linked to Disappearance of Missing Seniors Fights Release of Police Documents (link)

  • “Murder in Cottage Country,” CBC’s The Fifth Estate (link)

      • Press: “CBC Confronts Suspect in Huntsville’s 20-year-old Cat Lady Disappearance,” Huntsville Forrester (link)

      • Press: “Police Files Reveal New Details of Huntsville’s ‘Cat Lady’ Disappearance (link)

    • Update: “The Muskoka Murder Files,” CBC’S The Fifth Estate (link)

  • “Murder in Muskoka: How a Mysterious Crate in a Cottage Crawl Space Cracked Samantha Collins’ Murder,” Toronto Life (link, PDF)

      • Press: “Muskoka Murder Details Exposed,” Bracebridge Examiner (link)

      • Press: “Bracebridge Author’s Toronto Life Article Sheds New Light on Samantha Collins Murder Case” (link)

  • “Students Should Be Paid to Study,” HuffPo (link)

  • “The Latest Trend in Student Housing: Luxe, Off-campus Condos,” Maclean’s (link, PDF)

  • “The Public good Is Not Served by Funding Catholic Dchools,” The Globe & Mail (link)

  • “Going to School Should Be Like Going to the Gym,” The Globe & Mail (link)

  • “No Paper, No Light, No Money — but Dark Ages Were Best for Students,” The Globe & Mail (link)

  • “Alberta Teaching Reform Would Impede Innovation,” The Globe & Mail (link)

  • “The Case Against ‘Performance pay’ for Teachers,” The National Post (link)

  • “Jeff Johnson’s Xerox Education,” Joe Bower Blog (link)

  • “Who Are You Calling Crazy? Gary Greenberg on How We Define Mental Illness — And How it Defines Us,” The Sun (link, PDF)

  • “Schizophrenia Stole My Brother. This Is How I Got Him Back,” Esquire (link, Audm)

  • “After Seven Years, My Brother Is Back,” HuffPo (link)

    • Press: Interview with Vancouver Island Mental Health Society (link)

    • Press: Interview with Vancouver Island Mental Health Society (link)

    • Press: “For Dofasco founding family, blood is thicker than water,” Hamilton Spectator (link)

  • “Mental Illness: The New Cancer,” HuffPo (link)

  • “The B.C. trip that saved my brother’s life,” The Vancouver Sun (link)

    • Press: Interview with Vancouver Island Mental Health Society (link)

  • “Anarchy in the U.S.A.,” The Believer (link)

    • Update: “‘We Don’t Know What’s Going to Happen. If We Say We’re Doomed, We Are, Full Stop.’ A Q&A with John Zerzan” (link)

      • Press: “Bracebridge author pens piece on American political writer,” Bracebridge Examiner (link)

  • The Curiosity of School: Education and the Dark Side of Enlightenment, Penguin Canada, national bestseller (link)

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